EDCO is Your Automatic Transmission Specialist

EDCO is Conveniently Located at:

1355 N. Texas Street in Fairfield, Ca 94533

Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to Noon Sunday: Closed

Automatic Transmission Problems?

Do you need routine maintenance, a repair or replacement? If you are not sure, call Steve Bellamy at Edco Transmission.

It is time to take your vehicle to EDCO Transmission if:

  • The vehicle will not move
  • The Transmission seems to be slipping
  • The Transmission is making noise
  • The Transmission fluid is leaking
  • The “Check Engine” light comes on
  • The vehicle makes a jerking movement or seems to be surging
  • The Transmission fluid was changed more than a year ago

Whether your problem is minor or major, EDCO Transmission will provide a thorough and FREE estimate that includes a computer diagnostic, road test and external exam.

When you bring your vehicle to EDCO Transmission, you can expect an honest assessment, a fair price  and a great cup of coffee!

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Steve Bellamy – Owner


Anthony Hughes – Manager